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New to Sydney?

Make yourself at home here

Everything you need to know if you’re joining us from overseas or from elsewhere in Australia. Find out what to bring, where to go and how to connect with the University community.


Aim to arrive in Sydney at least a couple of weeks before semester starts, so you have more time to settle in, meet people and do some sightseeing before classes begin. 

It's important that you participate in welcome events to help you settle into university life. These events are your chance to have all your questions answered through a series of welcome events, workshops and information sessions. Most of these events take place in the week before your first class – usually in mid-late February for Semester 1 and late July for Semester 2.


Whether you’re looking to join a residential college or set up a shared house off campus, there are many accommodation options for you to choose from. Our accommodation team can offer guidance on student accommodation in Sydney.

If you are moving from interstate or overseas, we recommend you book a temporary place to stay before committing to longer-term accommodation. Check out our short-term stay options.


Make friends and connections with our alumni-hosted events. Find out more and sign up to join other new students at small relaxed events around Sydney. 


Opening Hours: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday
  • Level 3 - 160 City Road, Darlington Campus Jane Foss Russell Building G02
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